Support Inclusion in Tech is contributing to realizing a 5th freedom – the freedom to experience a thriving community truly open to everyone through sharing of information about the WordPress Open Source Project at community events.

Together with partners and sponsors, Winstina provides financial support to underrepresented WordCamp speakers for their travel and hotel expenses.

Project logos designed by Mary Baum, RacquetPress.

In the News

Post Status. Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Post Status Draft 136. ListenWatch.

WP Minute. Sponsor underrepresented & minority WordCamp Speakers. Read.

Women in WP. Episode 90. Supporting inclusion in tech with Winstina Hughes. Listen.

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Founder Winstina Hughes

WordPress Contribution

Co-organizer for WPNYC Meetup.

Core Contributor for WordPress 5.6 All-Women and Non-binary Release Squad. Documentation.

Core Contributor for WordPress 5.5 Minor Release Squad. Documentation.

Lead Organizer of WordCamp NYC 2018.

Co-Organizer of WordCamp NYC 2016, 2017 and of WordCamp US 2022.

Speaker at WordCamp Austin, WordCamp NYC, and WordCamp US.